Establish & grow your HR career with People Analytics.

Join your peers around the world, learning the most important skill in HR.

This is the system I used to go from zero to a 100% data-driven HR function with high retention and exceptional employee experience.

Here is what HR Professionals love about the course:

HR Dashboards

  • Learn which HR metrics to use and what your business and executive team really care about

  • Build a simple dashboard to track HR metrics continuously

Employee Engagement

  • Design your engagement survey to improve employee engagement

  • Build an interactive dashboard to quickly communicate results to your team via Google Data Studio

Compensation & Pay Equity

  • Learn how to conduct a compensation audit to build a robust compensation strategy

  • Learn how to assess pay equity for a fair compensation system


  • Use this simple method to collect performance data quickly and efficiently

  • Learn to run performance analyses with equity and retention in mind

Advanced Insights

  • Start learning R, a statistical programming language for People Analytics

  • Use regression modelling to uncover hidden relationships in your data

Meet Your Instructor

Konstantin Tskhay, Ph.D.

I am a Managing Partner of Tskhay & Associates, Inc., an HR Consulting firm focused on helping organizations solve their people problems using reliable data solutions.

Experience Highlight

  • Founder & Managing Partner, Tskhay & Associates

  • Deloitte Management Consulting

  • VP, Organizational Effectiveness at a SaaS Scale Up

  • Ph.D. Psychologist

  • People Analytics Advisory Board Member for

  • IBM Big Data University Instructor

  • University of Toronto Psychology Instructor

The Full Curriculum

    01 - HR Dashboards

    • Choose your HR metrics
    • Set Targets
    • Data Collections
    • Rapid Dashboard Prototyping
    • Quick Dashboard Design and Build
    • Show, Iterate, Test, Deploy
    • Socialize your Dashboard

    02 - Engagement

    • Engagement Surveys
    • Question Types
    • Survey Design
    • Data Gathering
    • Course Dashboard
    • Welcome to Google Data Studio
    • Engagement Dashboard Build
    • Dashboard Communications

    03 - Compensation

    • Job Architecture + Pay Bands
    • Comparatio
    • Analysis Introduction
    • Compression Analysis
    • Pay Equity Analysis

    04 - Performance

    • Best Performance Management Systems
    • Feedback Types
    • Measures of Performance
    • Data Collection
    • 9-box
    • Running Analyses

    05 - Advanced Insights

    • Regression Analysis
    • Downloading R and RStudio
    • Analysis Overview
    • R Demos
    • Regression is the queen of models

Questions + Answers

  • Who is this course for?

    HR professionals looking to take their careers to the next level by learning to use data to drive strategic business outcomes.

  • Do I need to know stats to take the course?

    There are no prerequisites for this course. It was designed for someone looking to take their first leap into the world of data for HR.

  • Why is learning people analytics important?

    85% of CHROs expect their HR teams to use people analytics already. By 2030, it will be the most in-demand skill in HR.

  • Why should I listen to you?

    My name is Konstantin Tskhay. I am a managing partner in my own HR and People Analytics firm. I am also a former tech scale-up executive who used my system to improve engagement and retention by 30% in 18 months. I also hold a Ph.D. in Psychology.

  • Ok. Got it. This must be expensive right?

    No. It's $150.

  • Most People Analytics Courses are $1500+ bucks or more!

    This is not my primary source of income, and my main goal is to give back to the community. How many people can afford those courses?

  • What's missing in this course in comparison to other courses?

    The course is not shot on a big budget and does not need to rent a space. It's me, in my home in Toronto, giving you the information you need to succeed.

    This course focuses on practice. You will walk away knowing how to do people analytics, not just talk about it.

  • Ok, but still... Is it really worth $150?

    I've spent 100+ hours working on this course: looking for the questions people ask more often and answering them via the resources in the course, so you don't have to. You get instant access to practical people analytics knowledge to accelerate your growth.

    I've designed this course to be practical and actionable. It's not a book you read once and forget. It's a video-based course system you can frequently revisit daily as you build your data-driven HR function.

  • How long will it take for me to see the results?

    It depends on how actively you can implement the practical learnings from the course. If you follow the lessons and modules, you can expect traction within 90 days and real changes in your organization and your career in 6-12 months.

    If you do nothing, you won't see the results.

  • Does this course come with email or call support?

    No, this course is designed to be self-guided and self-paced.

  • Do I get lifetime access?

    Yes! You can access it for as long as you like with no extra payment.

  • Ok. What do I do to enroll?

    Click the "Get Instant Access for $150" button below and get started today!

  • Does this course have a guarantee?

    I am confident in the value and insights our Practical People Analytics Certificate Program offers. That's why we provide a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.

    If, within 30 days of purchase, you feel the course hasn't met your expectations or gained the insights you hoped for, let me know. I'll process a full refund, no strings attached.

    Your success and satisfaction are my top priorities. Enroll today and explore the world of People Analytics risk-free!

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